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Square/Rectangular Tube Polishing Machine


  • Tube finish process makes tubes to be with outstanding exterior finishing for the purpose of enhancing market value.
  • This machine is designed to processed metal finishing with simple, prompt and safe operation.
  • Mostly, all range of metal finishing (such as hair line, mirror, sanitary and fine finish) can be operated by simply change specific level of grinding wheels, sand belts or other sorts.
  • Moreover, there are few solutions for various shapes of tubes.

Structure of the Machine

  • Loading Transmission Mechanism
  • Main Polishing Unit
  • Output Transmission Mechanism for Finished Product
  • Electric Control System Equipment


Type / Model
CYM - SP10
Range (mm)
□10mm x □10mm ~
□100mm x □100mm
□10mm x □10mm ~
□100mm x □100mm
Thickness (mm)
0.6 ~ 3.0
0.6 ~ 3.0

This chart is for reference only, will be various from required standard of tubes.