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Stainless Steel Tube/Pipe Mills

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Machine

Large Diameter Pipe Forming Machine

Tube Polishing Machine

Peripheral Equipment for Tube/Pipe Mills

Tube/Pipe Letter Spray Machine

Tube/Pipe End-Facing Machine

Carbon Steel Tube/Pipe Mills


Company Profile

Chan Yin Is a Professional in Producing High Quality Tube/Pipe Making Machine

Chan Yin Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. is a manufactory which specialized in producing different size of stainless steel tube/pipe mills, hydrostatic pressure testing machine, pipe forming machine, roller design, process equipments and peripheral equipment for tube/pipe making. Each machine is especially design according to individually customer requirement. Chan Yin always reach consumer needs according to company ideology with quality assurance, focus on good service, consumer always first, trust between customers, and win- win solution solve when trouble comes. Besides supplying stainless steel making machines to the domestic market in Taiwan, Chan Yin machinery is also sold throughout the world. Marketing began in Southeast Asia area, around south Africa.

Chan Yin not only provide standardized stainless steel machine, also design different size tube/pipe making machine according to customers requirement and solve particular technical problem. In addition, Chan Yin has Roller/mould design and other process equipment that satisfy diverse market demand. We are welcome to customers opinion and reply. Our greatest hope at Chan Yin Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. is that we can expand our customer base built on respect and feedback. Our greatest honor comes with applying our utmost ability to the satisfaction of client demands by supplying professional machinery, service and consultation. It will be our pleasure and motivation to offer technical service and problem solves.

Chan Yin's Machinery Knowledge and Background

Mr. Lee has machinery knowledge and background, he starts to investigate and deeply look into machine structure. Around thirty years experience, Mr. Lee is tenaciously in every machine production which means the quality that Chan Yin manufacture will provide good standard and quality assurance. Mr. Lee is a person who take responsibility as part of his life. His grow up background build up responsibility into his mind. Therefore, time and deadline always control under his schedule. Chan Yin is just like his second home and spend a lot of time on every production to keep the machine quality and the trust between customers.

Business Ideology